Does Card Counting Work in Live Baccarat?

If you play blackjack, you probably know that there are professionals who can count cards and gain the edge over casinos. Is such a method possible in baccarat?

Baccarat card counting is theoretically possible, and professional counters often regard it the next best thing after blackjack. In fact, once they combine it with the baccarat pattern strategy, they could do quite well – yet, not nearly half as well as they could do in blackjack. 

Always bear in mind that there are many strategies that apply to baccarat beside card counting. So, you might want to check out websites like CasinoRange that give useful tips on how to play and win at baccarat.

But now, let’s take a closer look at how card counting works in baccarat and whether it is possible in live casinos.

How Is Card Counting Possible in Baccarat?

Every card deck consists of the exact same number of cards. These 52 cards are quite familiar to all of us, so there’s no need to explain them. Let’s say that we take one card out of the deck – say an ace of spades – we know exactly which cards are left in the shoe.

In fact, if we take out fifty cards and we look at all of them, we will know exactly which two cards remain. Basically, it all comes down to figuring out which cards are left in the shoe. Given that cards that are used for playing both blackjack and baccarat are the same, there is a chance that card counting might work in both games.

As previously stated, theoretically, it is possible to apply it to baccarat as well. We have a shoe, and the dealer (the banker) takes cards from it, leaving some space for the player to do the math. However, there are a couple of problems that we have to consider when it comes to baccarat.

High and Low Cards Problem

One of the reasons why card counting is so popular among blackjack players is because it works. The game of blackjack is structured in such a way that we can make a clear division of the deck. 

Card Counting in Blackjack

All high cards (face cards and aces) favor the player. Therefore, if there are more faces and aces left in the deck, the probability of the player winning the hand is higher.

On the other hand, low cards favor the dealer in blackjack. Players who count cards make their moves accordingly. In other words, card counters know that the chances of them winning in blackjack are getting lower as the high-value cards are being taken out of the deck.

Basically, players insert tags (or points) to every card that leaves the deck. The ones that they like get a +1 point, and the ones that they don’t get a -1 point. Whenever the total number of points is higher than +1, card counters know that they have an edge.

Is This Principle Applicable to Baccarat?

Now that we know the basics of card counting works, we can try and apply it to baccarat. However, there is a huge problem with that. Baccarat doesn’t actually have cards that favour either the player or the banker. How can we apply the same card counting principle to baccarat then?

Many professional gamblers and baccarat lovers tried to come up with solutions to this problem. Edward O. Thorp, the legendary mathematician and blackjack enthusiast, stated that baccarat did not offer so many opportunities in regard to card counting. He added that there was no perfect card counting method that people could rely on in the game of baccarat.

In fact, many other professionals agreed with Dr. Thorp, believing that blackjack card counting doesn’t work in baccarat.

A Different Card Counting Solution?

Many baccarat enthusiasts and professionals, including Thorp, Peter A. Griffin, and Michael Shackleford tried to come up with an alternative. Although their suggestions were pretty good, none of them managed to match the effectiveness that the blackjack card counting has.

For example, Thorp made a card counting system that works for those who bet on the player. The method doesn’t actually give players an edge over casinos but just reduces the natural disadvantage that the player bets bring.

Is Card Counting Possible in Live Baccarat? 

Playing live baccarat is pretty much the same as playing the land-based variant. Therefore, applying the card counting system will not be very effective in this case, just like it is not effective in land-based casinos.

Instead of trying out untested card counting methods, try just following the basic baccarat strategy and let the element of luck do the rest!

How Does Online Scratch Cards Game Work?

Online scratch cards are based on Random Number Generator technology.  By using the RNG, they randomise prizes, including the element of luck along the way. Therefore, you can scratch and win if you are lucky.

They are made by professional casino software development companies, and offer players big jackpot opportunities. Those companies usually determine the Return to Player figure (RTP), which is the total amount of money that players get in return. Theoretically, if RPT is set to 93%, players will get £93 in prizes for every £100 they invest.

Since every online scratch card is based on RNG, some players would receive big prizes. Others wouldn’t receive anything. Want to know more about scratch cards and play some of the best games? Visit to find some of the best online scratch cards on the market.

What Is a Random Number Generator?

Random Number Generator is basically a device (a piece of software in online gambling) that randomly generates a number sequence. That way, casinos make sure that their games are not rigged. Moreover, they nurture the element of luck which is essential to all games of chance, including online scratch card games.

To be able to scratch online cards, you also need to pay attention to their legality.

Are Online Scratch Cards in the UK?

Players who are members of online casinos in the United Kingdom can legally play scratch card games on every platform that offers them. If you don’t have an account in a casino located in Great Britain, make sure to pick the ones which are licensed and regulated by the UK gambling commission.

That way, you will be able to enjoy playing online scratch cards without worrying about being scammed. Furthermore, it’s a great way to make sure that games on a casino are fair.

Moreover, all licensed online casinos that offer legit online scratch offs are regularly checked for fairness by independent auditors. They make sure that all works well, and that random number generator works.

What Happens When You Win?

If you play scratch card online and you manage to match enough symbols to win a prize, your online casino balance will increase. In other words, payouts are instant, and you can use that money to play other scratch cards or withdraw it from a casino.

Is It Possible to Predict a Slot Machine’s Payout?

Slot machines are made to be completely random. Slots use a random number generator to determine its payout. So, is it possible to predict a slot’s payout? Find out more here. 

It is possible to predict the payout of an online casino slot, only if you cheat though. Players cheat in the sense that they can crack the pseudo-random number generator and use it on a specific slot game. People can make use of this tweaked pseudo-random number generator in conjunction with direct observation. A pseudo-random number generator from the name implies something not entirely random. With these two activities on a casino’s slot machine, it’s possible to know when to play in order to have higher chances of winning on slot machines. 

However, through casual observation of some progressive slots, you’d notice they are as random as they get. But if you know the rules of how the algorithm is used to generate random number, you’d be able to predict the slot. To predict a Slot, you would need to know how to reverse engineer the slot maker’s pseudo-random number generator. 

You’d also need to have access to some privileged information, coding skills, computer programming skills, and willingness to risk going to jail. When you have these requirements, then you’d be able to achieve an accurate prediction. Otherwise, no it’s not possible to predict a video slot or any slot’s payout before the Spin. 

Is it not possible to predict a slot payout before the Spin? 

Licensed and regulated casino slot games cannot be compromised. So, it’s not possible to predict the result of individual spins on a slot before you spin the reels. Although to some extent, players can predict licensed and regulated casino slots after a considerable number of spins on some slots. After so many spins, some pay lines might start reappearing, making it somewhat predictable. But there is a limit to this prediction. 

Sometimes, some players make use of the volatility to guess how frequent they can expect a payout from a casino slot machine. The payout percentages of slots are more useful to the casino than it is to the player. All a player can use it for is to estimate.

Is it possible to predict a slot payout after the Spin?

If you want to know the payout of the slot after the Spin, it is possible. Slot players can predict the payout of a slot machine after the spin because it is dependent on the pay line of the slot game. On checking the paytable of the slot, you’d find the various payouts on each symbol. You should also check the pay lines to know the earnings you’re likely going to get from the different combinations of symbols. 

So, after the Spin you’d be able to know whether or not you can expect to get anything. Because after the Spin, based on the slots pay lines and paytable, you’d be able to figure it all out. Slots are made to be completely random. To predict the payout of jackpot slots before you spin the reels goes against the rules of a slot machine. You can either play at a Slot that has low RTP or high RTP depending on your urge to win.