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IGRAB Announcement: Bingham Cup 2016 Bid Process


Message from IGRAB Chairman, Jeff Wilson:

Thank you so much for your patience and interest in the Bingham Cup 2016 bid process. This is a very exciting time and the potential host committees have worked overtime to provide you with great documents that provide each of you with as much information as possible to make informed decisions about who we award the hosting rights for the next Bingham Cup.

First of all, prior to the trustee meeting yesterday, we were informed by the Boston Ironsides that they have withdrawn the New England 2016 bid from the submission process. On behalf of the trustees, I want to thank Robert Peterson, Rob Monticchio, Kiwi Diaz and the rest of the Boston team for their effort. We look forward to their participation in the future.

Next, the trustees voted last night in our meeting to accept the bids from the Chicago Dragons and the Nashville Grizzlies. We determined that these bids met the requirements necessary to continue the process and allow for the Board to review, debate and vote. The bid documents are located in the two folders linked here below. In advance of this weekend’s clarification call, please read and socialise the documents with your clubs and your board members. The clarification call will be the official forum for you to ask any questions of the organising committees prior to your vote. The online debate on Facebook continues to be very productive and transparent. However, the clarification call is the opportunity for all voting representatives to ask questions with their peers on the formal record.

The rest of the process is as follows:

Tuesday, 21 October – Bids released to Member Clubs via IGRAB.net, Facebook and GRC.

Sunday, 26 October – Bid Clarification call at 1900 GMT – Call has been sent out to member club representatives via igrab.net.

Sunday, 26 October – Voting opens immediately after the call. Votes will be by secret ballot to vote@igrab.net The preferred method of voting will be via the igrab.net mailboxes set up per club. However, votes will be taken from the Chairman/President/Appointed Representatives on file email address. Please reach out to me personally if you have any issues with setup or any potential votes.

Sunday, 9 November – Voting closes at midnight, GMT.

Week of 10 November – Potential announcement of award of Bingham Cup 2016, based on agreed terms and conditions signed by the awarded club.

Thank you all for all of your patience and support in this process. We look forward to the debate and the vote.

With you,

Jeff Wilson
Chairman, International Gay Rugby Association & Board

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